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Avoid infections + strengthen the immune system

Cough, cold, hoarseness

Outside it is cold and wet – and around us everyone is coughing and sniffling again. The reason for this are nasty virus infections against which drugs and antibiotics are completely powerless. And that is exactly why the best remedy against influenza is prevention – because once you have been infected and tucked in bed, all you can do is alleviate the unpleasant symptoms and take your time to get better.

But avoiding a cold is not that difficult – if you are careful and strengthen the body’s own defense system in a natural way. This is very easy with a few simple tips:


Preventing an infection

The best thing, of course, is not to get infected with the viruses currently circulating. It is important to know that the infection usually occurs via a droplet infection:

  1. Breathe in: When sneezing or coughing, pathogens get into the air and are inhaled by bystanders.
  2. Touch: In addition, viruses are also transmitted to the hands when they come into contact with contaminated objects (e.g. door handles or surfaces in public transport), and from there to the mucous membranes of the mouth, eyes and nose
How to avoid infection:

·       Frequently and thoroughly wash your hands – for at least 20 seconds (!)

·       Disinfect hands and keep distance from other people

·       Never touch the face (keep your hands away from the mucous membranes)

Effectively fend off the pathogens

Even being as careful as you can be, contact with the viruses is often unavoidable. Now the only thing that counts is how strong the body’s own defense system is. A healthy immune system nips the cold or flu in the bud with ease. You feel a little bit weak and stricken while your immune system is fighting – but the disease does not break out at all.

The situation is completely different when your immune system is weakened. If the immune system cannot cope with the viruses, they preferentially attack the mucous membranes in the nose, throat and pharynx. The bronchi and lungs may also be affected.

This is how to improve your immune system:

·       Take insufficient vitamins, minerals & secondary plant substances – to strengthen the immune system (fruit and vegetables)

·       Keep the mucous membranes moist (humidifier in the apartment, inhale)

·       Keep the body warm (e.g. baths and warm clothing)

·       Drink enough (preferably warming herbal tea)

·       Regular exercise

As a supplement to a balanced, plant-based diet, we recommend – especially now during the cold season – our fresh & clean Fruit and vegetable juices. With them you are on the safe side, because they provide you with sufficient vitamins and other nutrients, which are a real benefit for your body and your immune system. With them you don’t have to worry about your vitamin intake even in stressful times. A juice in your handbag can replace breakfast if necessary, or supplement a rather low-nutrient lunch (bread rolls from the baker, pasta, etc.)