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Beauty through sleep

Who needs sleep anyway?

Sleep has been getting more and more of a bad reputation in recent years – people who get by on little sleep, get up particularly early or work late into the night tend to be admired rather than pitied or warned, while anyone saying that they like to sleep in is written off as a shirker.

When trying to pursue a healthy lifestyle, the focus is generally on a healthy diet and physical exercise – sleep is left entirely out of the equation.

Such views are increasingly falling out of fashion, however: research in the fields of sleep and regeneration has confirmed beyond doubt that Nature made no mistake in programming us to be out of action for almost half the day.

Examination of the consequences of lack of sleep and sleep deprivation also makes it immediately clear how immensely important sleep is for us; mental health problems may set in, emotional irritability increases and the performance of the immune system is clearly compromised.

By contrast, getting sufficient sleep promotes cardio-vascular health, lowers blood pressure and evens out insulin levels. Sleep is also essential for our beauty, as every cell in the body regenerates and renews itself during the night – including our skin. No wonder the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least 8 hours’ sleep a night.

Getting that much sleep is easier said than done for most people with a job, and the body is often really no longer used to such a generous helping; many find it difficult to “switch off” in the evening and fall asleep, but there are simple steps you can take right now to get to sleep more easily in future.


Tips & tricks for a restful night’s sleep

  • Don’t eat immediately before going to sleep
  • Don’t consume caffeine in the evenings
  • Create a good sleeping environment: dark & cool is best
  • Aromatherapy: lavender
  • Establish a routine before going to bed to get the body ready (bed = sleep)
  • Meditation, reading or yoga to “wind down”
  • Light & dark – support the natural cycle of sleeping and waking
  • No technological devices before falling asleep (no blue light)


Little helpers

If you still have problems falling asleep despite these tips, you can help your body out with herbal remedies – e.g. with a preparation of valerian or CBD oil. Remedies that promote the body’s own production of melatonin, the “tiredness hormone”, are particularly effective. Form Nutrition’s ZZZZs capsules combine these properties with magnesium and zinc, minerals that have been proven to promote deeper and better-quality sleep, along with calming amino acids that help you relax and improve the quality of your slumbers. Not only do they make falling asleep easier, they are also a natural way of promoting regenerative sleep.


No alternative

It doesn’t matter how healthy your diet may be otherwise – neither yoga nor green smoothies can make up for long-term sleep deprivation. “Sleeping in” for hours to stock up or catch up on sleep at the weekend is just as little use – the body needs these regenerative phases regularly every day. So sleep well! 😊