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Caffeine the metabolism booster

Stimulates fat-burning and bowel function

Coffee-lovers have been telling us for ages that coffee not only tastes delicious, it has particular health benefits as well. Many will swear by the metabolism-boosting kickstart of their morning coffee, which brings them just the relief they were hoping for at the very start of the day. Caffeine additionally promotes fat-burning, which is why enjoying a cup of coffee is often a smart complement to a desire to lose weight. Athletes, workaholics and students are all big fans of this natural stimulant as well – an espresso improves performance and will easily push a tired body through a taxing sports fixture, an afternoon meeting or a night of revision. Whenever we need an extra little bit of energy, we reach for our trusty coffee cup – and it doesn’t let us down.

Caffeine is neither “healthy” nor “unhealthy” – as ever, the truth is that dosage can turn anything into a toxin and each individual has to be aware of how sensitive their reaction to it might be and how well they can digest this natural stimulant. We can heartily recommend Form Nutrition’s “BOOST” capsules for anyone who has no problems digesting caffeine and who would like to make use of its positive effects in their day-to-day lives.  The capsules boost the metabolism, promote fat-burning and stimulate the central nervous system, thus improving your intellectual faculties, mental receptivity and physical performance. The amino acid L-theanine (which is otherwise predominantly found in green tea) has a calming effect on the nervous system – and will thus keep the stimulant properties of caffeine perfectly in check. The capsules are thus also suitable for people who normally tend to get jittery or unsettled by coffee.