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Cheat Day: Feeding to the fullest

Dieticians and fitness forums swear by it: After days of starving, Cheat Day is the perfect weapon to get the cravings under control. But is that healthy?

Who doesn’t know that? Colleagues delight us once again with a homemade cake, partners surprise us in the evening with a greasy pizza from their favorite Italian restaurant and Sunday brunch is impossible without a croissant – but we have to refuse because dieting is the order of the day again.

Cheat Day has come just at the right time: Instead of completely renouncing our beloved, but so unhealthy fatteners, we get the ravenous appetite under control for the time being by postponing sin. Cheat Day is the day you look forward to all week long during a diet – and that’s the problem: Diet!

Cheat day, no way!

Cheat day’s probably a great trick, but it’s not about that. Because the concept “diet” should be deleted once and for all! If you want to be slim and healthy in the long term, you have to eat like this. And healthy and balanced nutrition does not mean
harassing the body and feeding it nutrient-poor shakes or little, but bad food.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet means that the body gets the best from nature: freshly harvested fruit and luscious vegetables in abundance, protein-rich legumes, all prepared in an appetizing and refined way. Without preservatives, flavor enhancers and artificial bells and whistles.

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At the same time, eating should be a pleasure, guilt and prohibitions are inappropriate. Whether it’s our best friend’s birthday or we want a croissant from our favorite French baker for our Sunday breakfast: Let’s do it – but with balance! Balance means that we enjoy our food actively, listen to our bodies when they have had enough and balance unhealthy with healthy again.

Cheat days, reload dinners or refeed mornings are concepts that are far removed from what a healthy relationship to food intake means.