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Clean Eating – a plea for natural food

“Let food be thy medicine” – Hippocrates

Clean eating means consuming only unprocessed food, as natural as possible, without additives. Ready-to-eat meals, artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colorings and flavorings are not on the menu.

The Greek physician, Hippocrates, even knew in ancient times what nutrition experts and doctors preach today: Food is medicine. If diet has made you sick, a “clean” diet can be the cure. A diet based on purely natural and predominantly plant-based foods supports the body in its detoxification work and restores its natural balance. No disadvantages of such a “clean” diet are known. Therefore, our diet is the best available cure against a variety of common diseases and at the same time the best preventative treatment. The only disadvantage of this “treatment”: It needs time. The consequences of decades of poor nutrition can’t be erased within a few weeks after changeing. And this is also the reason why many impatient patients still prefer to reach for a “quick fix” in the form of a small, chemical pill.

That patience is worthwhile however, and a conversion to “Clean Eating” is a great long-term investment, is one of the PURE DELIGHT Credos. Why? Here is a summary:

Clean Eating = all-round supply of nutrients = no sugar rush / cravings

A “clean” diet ensures that you are supplied with nutrients all around you. Man is evolutionary-biologically attuned to craving for sweet food when nutrients are withdrawn from his body, because glucose is the fuel for our brain! But if you eat a variety of natural, nutritious and functional plant foods, you will not develop any cravings in the first place. With a balanced proportion of fresh, colorful fruit and vegetables, vegetable protein, satisfying whole grain cereals and healthy fats, the body receives all the nutrients it needs and can make full use of them due to their naturalness. The result: no nutrient removal and no emergency sugar rush.

Clean Eating = healthy intestinal flora = less digestion problems

The intestinal flora plays an important role in the activity of our immune system. An intact intestinal flora supports strong defenses. Benign bacteria sit on the intestinal mucosa and thus occupy the ecological niche of disease-causing invaders. Negative bacteria cannot settle in. If the balance of intestinal microbes is disturbed by stress or an incorrect diet, the defense system in the body’s center no longer functions properly, which can also promote intolerances and allergies. On the other hand, eating natural, unprocessed foods such as green leafy vegetables, wholemeal products high in fiber and legumes promotes the vigorous growth of beneficial bacteria, which in turn not only helps us digest well, but also gives us radiant, cleaner skin and a balanced hormonal system.

Clean Eating = unspoilt taste buds

“Clean” food without flavor enhancers and additives trains the taste buds. At the beginning, it is usually difficult to switch to purely natural foods without tons of salt or refined sugar. An apple seems moderately satisfying when you actually crave a bag of M&Ms. With a little patience and discipline, not only do habits change, but the taste buds do too. You slowly get used to how food actually tastes and you will soon discover that a much greater variety of flavors can now be perceived and enjoyed. Now a juicy strawberry tastes much better than the sugar-sweet “strawberry yogurt” which is full of artificial flavours, additives and unpronounceable chemicals, and actually without any actual strawberry.

Clean Eating = lasting energy = no fatigue

Another positive effect of Clean Eating is the energy boost. The well-known afternoon low becomes a thing of the past, because the “clean” diet provides plenty of natural fiber and long-chain carbohydrates, which not only fill you up for longer, but also allow blood sugar to rise slowly. Thus the body is constantly supplied with energy and can easily achieve top performance.

Clean Eating = less “emotional eating”

The term “Emotional Eating” describes the tendency to eat in response to positive and negative emotions, for example when we are nervous, sad, lonely, angry or even euphoric. People who eat clean are also subject to this psychological phenomenon, but their habit of resorting to natural alternatives reduces the negative consequences of “food overload”. Normally, in “times of crisis”, we resort to foods that are extremely rich in sugar or carbohydrates, because these temporarily give us a mood-lifting serotonin boost. Afterwards, however, we rarely feel better, usually quite the opposite.

These are just a few reasons why Clean Eating is the key to a healthy and happy body for us. If you have ever been clean, you will already have noticed the positive changes in you – and if not, it is about time to try Clean Eating! If you need help with the changeover, you are welcome to contact us. Our specials are particularly suitable for this purpose, as they often include “clean” dishes and thus offer you a particularly good insight into the culinary variety of healthy food – and at the same time prove that healthy food can be a real treat!