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Cleanse Support: Lymphatic Drainage

Special body treatments and massages, such as lymphatic drainage, are excellent companions for a cleanse and are now offered in many day spas and by alternative practitioners or in selected cosmetic institutes.

Lymphatic drainage is not a massage that relaxes your muscles or relieves tension, it is a deep cleansing of the connective tissue which helps a body to detoxify. Circular massage strokes promote the flow of accumulated tissue fluid – the lymph.

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It transports everything that accumulates between your body cells. For example, nutrients and fluids constantly seep from the branches of the veins into the tissue, from which the cells absorb what they need, what they do not use remains, and the cells themselves also release metabolic products.

All this “garbage” would accumulate in your intercellular spaces in the long run and must therefore be removed, and this is done by the lymph. Through the fine capillaries of the lymphatic system, which absorb the excess substances through openings and pass them on. The network always runs parallel to the bloodstream like a kind of sewage system.

An unhealthy diet, lack of exercise or injuries can delay the process. A manual lymphatic drainage stimulates the accumulated fluid in the tissue to drain off and prevents more fluid from flowing in. Lymphatic drainage is perfect if you suffer from cleanse symptoms such as leg and back pain or severe water retention.