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Munich. The heart and home of PURE DELIGHT. Our idea and the concept behind it, both of which uniquely define us until today, were born in the center of Munich in 2009. More…

Paris. Surrounded by beauty, PURE DELIGHT has since 2011 established itself as the first and foremost online delivery service for juice cleanses and clean eating in France. More…

Finest Healthfood in the heart of Munich

Since 2009, a small kitchen in Munich has rapidly become Europe’s first online delivery service for juice and clean food cleanses. Our original small yet exquisite selection of juice and raw food cleanses was quickly expanded to include more and more new products that make eating healthy both easy and fun.

Our experts in the heart of Munich still develop each new PURE DELIGHT program, each individual product and the carefully crafted recipe behind it. Always with the same conviction, passion and love of detail that have made us so unique right from the start. And we ensure that this stays the same in each of our locations through close exchange with our branches abroad, regular training seminars and strict quality control.

We are and will remain the confident original, despite the copycat attempts that come and go over the years. We are the first choice for everyone who appreciates long-standing expertise, quality and good taste. And those satisfied customers remain loyal to us in ever-growing numbers.

„My personal philosophy: Don’t be too hard on yourself. Life is too short not to have fun. I regard enjoyment as a part of life: both pure, healthy treats as well as the occasional unhealthy one — and when I do indulge, I don’t want to feel guilty. Regular juice cleanses are the perfect way to bring my body back into harmony after excessive indulgences or especially stressful times. In between, I practice clean eating in keeping with the 80/20 rule. Nobody is perfect — and who would want to be anyhow :o“

Astrid Purzer

Paris – Amour Food

Beautiful locations alone are not enough. It is always the people behind the scenes who help shape our idea and who give PURE DELIGHT its special character. These people include Maximilian Frank and his wife Adeline Grange, who since 2011 have been successfully spreading our healthy lifestyle from Paris to the Côte d’Azur — and meanwhile to Belgium and Luxembourg as well. PURE DELIGHT has long been a beauty secret of the French elite: our loyal customers there include world famous designers, film stars, top models and it girls as well as the aristocracy, industrialists, doctors, artists and writers. Even the star-rated French chef Thierry Marx is on board: Together with him in 2017, we developed an initial three-day lean haute cuisine program under the name Chef’s Delight.

Trying new things and showcasing the quality and freshness of our products at their best — Max and Adeline do this with conviction and passion. They don’t just sell a healthy lifestyle with all their heart and soul, they live it out as well.

„Our three children love our Juice Delight juices, especially pink and orange. At home we cook mostly vegan and are always trying out new recipes. We prepare everything as though we were cooking for family and friends each day.“

Maximilian Frank