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Meal Prep: Cleverly planned clean eating

Even grandma knew about the advantages of precooking and actually helped a whole branch of industry to get started thereby. What used to be called storage of prepared food is now called meal prep and is the ne plus ultra for clean eating foodies. Why is that?

Meal Prep is the new prepared food storage

There are good reasons why we should prepare our own food and take it with us. By packaging our own prepared food we have control over what goes into our bodies. On the one hand, naturally, because we can then select the best ingredients and know what exactly the meals contain. And above all, what they do not contain – namely preservatives, flavor enhancers etc.

On the other hand, we avoid the danger of eating inferior quality food or falling into the junk food trap somewhere along the way just because nothing else is available.

Another plus: We are independent of canteens, delivery services and bakers around the workplace, even when traveling. With Meal Prep it is initially not important how often you supply yourself with food. Many people only pack their boxes into their bags on some days to eat with colleagues or friends on others.

Meal Prep: how it works

The easiest way is to cook a double portion every evening and take the remainder with you the next day. The downside: Every day we have to think about a healthy dish, shop, cook and so on and so forth.

The professionals among the Meal Preppers take their time for this on weekends. This means: Bulk shopping on Saturdays and 3 to 4 Clean Eating dishes will be precooked and stored on Sunday afternoons. The advantage is that you have to spend a lot of time on weekends, but you don’t have to worry about buying food at all during the week.

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