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Myth-Buster: The Importance of Breakfast

The common opinion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day has long been outdated. But if breakfast is no longer the most important meal, which one is then?

Recent studies have proven that: Breakfast has long been overrated for metabolism and health. While experts used to think that skipping breakfast leads to lower calorie consumption and a rather sluggish metabolism, breakfast lovers can now breathe a sigh of relief: Because the amazing result of current studies shows that the breakfast is a meal like any other and that no special position before lunch or dinner can be assigned to it from a health aspects standpoint. Nor does eating breakfast protect against unwelcome extra kilos, as has long been assumed. Rather, gaining weight depends on the total amount of calories eaten throughout the day and not at what time or with what meal we ingest these calories. Also the myth that the metabolism of people who do not eat breakfast is slower could not be confirmed in the studies.

So no one who suffers from loss of appetite in the morning has to force themselves to have breakfast anymore. Quite the contrary There are even advantages to not having breakfast in the morning or only taking a light liquid one. This allows our bodies’ own regeneration phase, which takes place overnight and is stopped at the latest by heavy eating in the morning, to be extended into the day. So anyone who is not a lover of solid food in the morning, you are well advised to simply drink a freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice or green smoothie. This provides extra valuable nutrients without straining the digestive system.

Stay away from fat, sugar and salt

Anyone who can’t get started without a proper breakfast should take to heart one thing that will not be difficult for the clean eaters among us anyway: The first meal of the day should be nutritious. Whether we enjoy it early after getting up or late in the morning.