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Short Facts: Matcha

Slimming products, trend drinks and remedies: Japanese monks were already drinking matcha tea 1,000 years ago. Nowadays not only the Japanese are crazy about the green powder. In addition to tea, it also gives smoothies, pastries and even ice cream a healthy upgrade in this part of the world.

Matcha contains about 137 times more ECG, an antioxidant and major catechin. It supports our cells in the fight against free radicals and makes our skin look young and fresh for longer. It also promotes fat loss – it’s not for nothing that Hollywood’s VIPs swear by the trend powder in smoothies, juices and tea. Experts have found that even one cup of matcha every day is good for our health

Another special feature of matcha is that the caffeine it contains is not released in the stomach – as is the case with coffee – but in the intestines. Not only does this make it particularly gentle on the stomach, it also gives it an invigorating effect later and lasts longer.