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The Bowels

Allow us to introduce: The bowels, the under-appreciated organ.

Our gastrointestinal tract is probably the most under-appreciated organ. Ever since Giulia Enders freed this captivating, highly complex and sometimes amusing organ from its dirty image with her amusing non-fiction book “Charming Bowels” and put it on the German bestseller list, we know that: Our intestines are the key to a healthy body, and it is precisely for this reason that we should take a closer look at them during the pre-cleanse phase.

Aside from the well-known offenders like nicotine and alcohol, a slow metabolism, constant ravenous appetite attacks or a disturbed digestion can be caused by sugar, too little exercise and excess fructose, among other things. A cleanse is a wonderful occasion to help one’s intestines get back on their feet.

Our second brain

Since our intestines are surrounded by more than a hundred million nerve cells, they are often referred to as the “second brain”. It not only regulates our digestion, but is also responsible for many other vital processes: Over 70 percent of our immune system’s total defense cells live on our large intestine’s mucous membrane.

Our intestines do a lot of work: They filter all the nutrients our bodies need from the food they receive and ensure that everything that is superfluous and indigestible is excreted. Considering that it takes up to three days to maneuver food through its total length of about eight meters, it is clear that our current lifestyle and nutrition style will lead quickly to overload.

Healthy intestine = better nutrient supply

An unbalanced diet, too little fiber and too much sugar, alcohol, nicotine or even antibiotics are the reasons for poor digestion and harmful fermentation processes. The environment changes and bad bacteria or Candida settle, whose toxins can damage our intestinal mucous membranes. The consequence: Flatulence and constipation because the ingested food is not transported quickly enough.

If our intestines do not function properly, this leads to a poorer utilization of nutrients, which in turn means that our bodies are not so well supplied with vitamins and minerals. Our body demands more nutrients, and we eat more than we actually need. This is often one of the reasons why we do not lose weight despite our apparently healthy diet. The solution: Take the trash out and keep your bowels clean! This works best in the form of an intestinal cleansing with Epsom salts or according to the colon hydro principle.