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Vegetable protein – green fuel for your body

Do you really just live on greens? Are you getting enough protein? And aren’t you lacking in nutrients with such a one-sided diet? Surely you’ve got to be constantly hungry…

These are the questions and comments you often come up against if you have chosen a largely vegetarian diet. Thanks to a booming meat industry and misleading – indeed, often contradictory – information on the net, there are plenty of people who still think they have to eat a steak every day to get the protein they need. This view is still very common amongst fitness and sports enthusiasts in particular.

It is in fact a mistaken belief – we are perfectly able to get enough protein even with a purely vegetarian diet plan. This said, you have to pay conscious attention to eating the right foods if you exclude the “animal products” food group – the majority of which contain a lot of protein – from your diet entirely.

But how much protein do we in fact require? Most people vastly overestimate this need and a lot of the totals that are doing the rounds online are completely wide of the mark. We don’t need exorbitant amounts of protein to be slim, full of energy and healthy. According to the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society (DGE), the truth is that you should only consume about 0.8 g of protein per kilo of bodyweight per day* – so there’s no need to go “protein mad”.

We do of course DEFINITELY require a minimum level of protein, as it plays an important role in our diet:



By regulating the appetite & helping you feel full for longer.


By stabilising your blood sugar.


Boosting your metabolism & promoting muscle-gain.


Those who have difficulties getting enough protein at mealtimes can make life easier for themselves with a few practical “little helpers”, and the foremost among these are protein powders. Rich in protein and with a range of applications, these powders instantaneously turn a normal meal into a real protein bomb! It’s as simple as ABC to get enough protein, even on the go, at the office or on a trip (e.g. as a shake). As a result, there are countless protein powders now available, both vegetarian and animal-based. So what’s the difference?

Vegetable protein vs. animal protein (e.g. whey = milk)

Nuts, seeds, legumes, grains and even vegetables such as kale and cauliflower are rich in the amino acids that form protein. Hemp, peas, rice and soy are particularly suitable for producing vegetable protein powders.

Whey, an animal milk protein, is also very common. As the name suggests, it is manufactured from milk as a by-product from cheese-making; highly concentrated whey protein is extracted after a rigorous filtering process.

Digestion + compatibility

Vegetable proteins are the perfect choice for anyone with digestive problems. As they contain fibre and digestive enzymes that facilitate digestion and the absorption of protein in the body, vegetable protein powder is generally very easy to assimilate. By contrast, most animal protein powders contain lactose which can often set off intolerances and cause digestive problems.

Protein content + suitability

Here, whey slightly edges into the lead: all animal proteins are “complete” proteins, and as whey is made from milk, it is a complete protein with all the essential amino acids. There are no complete vegetable proteins, but it is possible to combine various protein sources to obtain a perfect amino acid profile.


Manufacturing vegetable protein powder causes only 1/10 of the carbon emissions incurred by whey production. All the arguments in favour of a vegan diet (environmental protection, factory farming and other ethical reasons) are of course applicable in the “whey or vegetable protein” debate.


If you have no problem digesting whey protein and are not opposed to consuming animal products, there is nothing standing in your way. However, vegetable proteins generally have greater health benefits – let alone the ethical adventages.


We recommend vegan protein powder from NEAT Nutrition

Neat Nutrition’s extremely fine vegan protein powder is vegan, gluten/lactose-free and an ideal source of protein, even for people with allergies or intolerances. A mixture of top-quality pea and hemp protein provides the body with important amino acids and facilitates particularly high protein utilisation. The nutritious mixture can be absorbed by the body especially quickly and also promotes general wellbeing – professional British athletes didn’t develop it for fun.

Serving suggestion: stir 1 scoop of powder into your choice of water, nut milk, almond milk or rice milk, mix in a blender or shake maker and enjoy. Ideal after sport, or as a substitute for/addition to your evening meal.

  • Natural aromas for a delicious vegan protein shake
  • Rich in nutrients to improve your general wellbeing
  • Perfect for people with allergies
  • Only 132 calories per portion
  • Top-quality natural sweetener; we use thaumatin.
  • Two tasty flavours: vanilla or chocolate


*This amount will of course vary slightly, depending on activity levels, height, weight, genetics and medical history.